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August 15, 2017
After Charlottesville


Violence at a street convention for the hate movement, featuring armed marchers? No prob. Freedom.

I’m firmly against the mayhem of Antifa, though nowhere near as much as I’m against the very existence of the white nationalist movement. The only thing I see positive about Antifa is… now that I give it some thought… nothing. But still so much more positive than the Master Race Club.

There wouldn’t have been any imagined use for Antifa if a license for a street demo prohibited all weapons in the vicinity and the police was prepared for combat between two ideological packs – possibly thousands on each side – that hate each other. What a coincidence that white supremacy feels acceptable enough to come out of the shadows at the same time state legilstures think it’s cool to permit open carry of guns at schools, bars and protest rallies where large crowds of self-pity-drunk males missionized with hate for Jews and dark-skinned types share the street with crowds of Jews and dark skinned types. Only Republican state houses pass these bills and white nats vote only for Republicans but oops… I’m taking advantage of an innocent person’s murder to get all partisan.

It would’ve been nice if Fox News had no footage of weaponized counter-protestors to validate Trump’s equivalency crap. On the other hand the nats are already booking a victory tour. Probably a number of those stops are bastions of Second Amendment fundamentalism where pro-life applies only to fetuses that can’t take anybody’s guns away. It would probably be crazy to not be prepared to defend the ranks. The nats will be better armed than the cops and basic training for Antifa is voguing threatening poses in their costumes and overturning garbage receptacles.

If the third of the population that still supports Trump – tens of millions – is sort of OK with the white supremacy movement after Charlottesville; and if those pending bills that make it OK to run over people with a car at protest demonstrations get passed; and if open carry remains applicable to demos – I think we’re looking at the beginning of that civil war the right wing media and the GOP have been stoking for profit and career advancement.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, August 15, 2017

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Polar Levine

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