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September 18, 2017


Snowflakery has become a national pastime

Protesting against a guest speaker at a college campus with an unpopular worldview is idiotic, bigoted, politically counter-productive and, yeah – snowflakey. But it’s not a free speech issue.

Those invited speakers were invited because they’d exercised their free speech rights to publish and speech their ideas in any number of venues over a significant period of time. That’s how they’d attained sufficient recognition to receive invitations to speak on campuses.

And after their speaking engagement is cancelled due to snowflake blizzard, they’re free to go off and exercise their free speech in numerous other venues, including many universities where they’d be welcomed, or at least not intimidated by lefty babies.

Snowflakery has become a national pastime on all sides of every issue. the Right. as usual, weaponized the tag first. You know what else is snowflakey: squirting about an alleged war on religion because the law of the land doesn’t permit discriminating against gay people who want to get married.

If the withholding of services was really was based on religion, those same florists, cake-makers and clerks who issue marriage licenses would have a long record of refusing their services to a perspective bride or groom if either or both had engaged in adulterous affairs, had ever disrespected their parents, picked up a 6-pack on a Sunday, uttered the word godamnit or told a lie.

And how about the fragile snowflakey souls who scream in terror about a looming Nazi dictatorship because the government wants to provide them with health care unmoored from a predatory insurance industry? Or regulate Wall Street banks that tanked the global economy by selling investment and mortgage products they knew were combustible. Or having to take their cancer sticks outside if they're going to light up.

Parading around with barrel full of belly fat and a gun strapped on does not erase the little bitty scaredy-pants snowflake that lies within.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, September 18, 2017

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Polar Levine

working class college dropout who loves to learn, poke his biases and waste time looking around