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August 17, 2017
After Charlottesville


I'm generally sympathetic to the blue collar middle class even though they went to Trump. But sometimes th snowflakery gets way too stupid

Ruined my day watching Trump’s rally in the Great State of Arpaio where he ruminated on the previous week’s tiki torch festival. As usual I took in the amazing bandwidth of his his vocal stylings. I mean that, actually. And on his body language and that of his fans.

There are times when my better angels go out clubbing for the night and I can’t locate my very real empathy for all those Trump voters that his cronies punked into despair. My sympathy withers at times when those who are part of America’s vast majority feel victimized by all those types that used to be so easily bullied. Now all the below-equals are equals. It’s over for white Christians. Where are the safe spaces for an angry white guy with a gun when he needs em?

I guess the information arteries pulsate slower in the heartland, and yeah… new stuff requires some adjustments and messes with a guy’s system. Happens to everybody. Even in Jew York. Really. But it doesn’t mean a white male’s job application will be rejected because he’s a white male. It means that he’d be smart to get his skills and knowledge base up to spec. That’s what competition means. It’s not just a damn Trump rally cheer: America!  Competition!  USA!  Dude, you gotta actually do something.

Wake the hell up. It’s morning in America. Oh, you were expecting that old morning in America when Mr. Reagan trickled tax cuts down to the super-duper rich, cut the legs out from under the labor movement that had your back. Reagan made it so much easier to have your jobs shipped out. Didn’t you ever wonder why all of a sudden you hated unions even though your whole community used to prosper with their union membership?

Btw – the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t mean regular folk no longer have the right to marry. Or that you’ll get arrested trying to enter a church. It just means that people who don’t like homosexuality or homosexuals didn’t get their way on this one.  Big Government chose not to swoop down and take away the precious freedoms that Mr. Libertarian thinks other people should not have.

Fret not, my fellow penis-endowed palefaces – we still have freedoms a-plenty. If you don’t want Big Government to finally make it possible for you to see a dentist – screw em. Stay home. The Constitution allows it.

No more coal? Apply for the gig at the solar panel joint. No coughing. No black lung. No cave-ins. No poisoned water supply to brain damage your offspring.  Or don’t apply. Whatever.  Oh man… I wish I had recordings of all your grousing back in the day about being stuck in a dark mine all day coughing up black dust. I’d lay those voices over some killer beats. Cut em to flow with the groove. I can do that kind of thing. I keep my skills up to date. We all could be dancing to it right now. Would take the edge off, if you had a taste for irony. And if you could dance to a real groove.

A century ago when cars were getting popular there was panic. A huge number of jobs were threatened across the nation. Naturally there was pushback, resentment and irritation over the newest new-fangled. There were failed businesses, lost employment and despair. Much drinking and protesting. Then there was the majority that noticed the shift and got in on the new job market. Started new companies to serve the new transportation mode. They did at least as well as they did making horseshoes, driving buggies and sweeping horse poop off the streets. Look at pix of cars from that era – the passenger sections look just like horse-drawn carriages. That’s because the carriage manufacturers applied the same designs to the new technology. Adaptation. Not boo-hoo-hoo. Of course there were defiant rebels who rejected the new thing and died broke on the street. The Constitution allows it. Freedom.

It’s not an assault. It’s a choice. You can scream and vote for politicians who chase businesses away by passing freedom laws that tell certain types where they can’t make pee pee. Put on a hatful of teabags and protest all the culture wars against all the things you hold dear.  Or change your undies, get employable and get employed. Or don’t. Freedom of choice, my fellow bellowers.

If your Christian white race was really superior you wouldn’t be so damn downtrodden. Feeling so downtrodden because someone else has the same rights as you now or because a technology shift requires a job shift – such a nice excuse to avoid the effort of swimming with the current of history. To swim against it, all you have to do is lie down, drug up and hate the scapegoat Limbaugh screeches about. Those freeloaders who gladly bust ass for a living and have no time for whining and cheering on a scumbag whose golf pardners shipped your jobs away for a few lousy bucks.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, August 17, 2017

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Polar Levine

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