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July 17, 2016


Comparisons to Hitler more dangerous than accurate

In the maelstrom of right wing ideological screeching the one that’s the most idiotic and the easiest to counter punch is the just like Nazi Germany line.

It’s the most tired of political cliches and the first one the ideological lizard brain squirts; a know-nothing signifier. And, yes – it’s also used by lefty know-nothings.

Picket signs featuring Obama or Trump with the Hitler coif & stache. Rush Limbaugh for years referred to feminists as feminazis as though Obamacare and women with equal status to men is the same as being dragged to a gas chamber. Rough tough macho Americans whining about Nazis because they have to take their cigarette outside for the sake of everyone else’s lungs. Which is the same as having your toddler taken from your arms and bashed into a lamp post.

It presents Nazi Germany as an inconvenience rather than a murderous psychosis that had catastrophic global consequences.

To say that Hitler was a racist – a white supremacist – is to characterize him as far more liberal than fact would allow. For him white skin wasn’t enough to be thought of as The Master Race with inherent rights. German whiteness was the  Master Race. All others were to be enslaved. Except for Jews, gays and Roma who were to be exterminated.

Suggesting that Obama is like Hitler is also saying that Hitler is like Obama which would be a gift to every neo-Nazi and holocaust denier on the planet. Hey, was Obama likely to round up and murder 6 million innocent citizens? C’mon. It’s all a myth.

The War on Religion meme is in the same category. We’re not permitted to stone to death adulterers or gays even if we believe our diety demands it. Fox News and every other right wing media screamer equates the enforcement of those laws with creating an industrialized death machine designed to eliminate the entire Jewish population. Because they were Jewish. Families were dragged from their homes in the middle of the night. Many waited on line to be shot in front of pre-dug graves. Others were tortured, subjects in medical experiments with no anesthetic. People were sent to labor camps to work till they died of exhaustion and then replaced. Six million. There would’ve been millions more if Germany had won the war.

That, ladies and gentlemen of conservative persuasion, is what a war on religion looks like. Is there a Christian anywhere in the USA who’s been blocked from entering a church? Any of the Christian cable networks been shut down by the government lately because their religious propaganda?

And yeah, to this Jewboy it’s also personal. Hitler wiped out the remaining Jews in many areas of the former Russian Pale of Settlement that my grandparents escaped just 30yrs earlier.

People who voiced opposition to Hitler’s regime were sent to the camps as well. They were not simply called out in tweets.

For an American president to attain Hitler’s level of state control the US would have to reach the level of dissipation and torment in Germany in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise after WW 1. If you don’t know what that was – find out. Learn some history. That a pathological narcissist moron like Trump can win the nomination of a major party in a presidential election is a sure sign that the torment and rage many of his supporters live with is a road to just that place. So we’d best start getting really getting serious about achieving instead of winning.

When Mexicans and Muslims are dragged out of their homes and murdered en masse, then please put the moustache on the Trump pic.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, July 17, 2016

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Polar Levine

working class college dropout who loves to learn, poke his biases and waste time looking around