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July 1, 2017
Post-Election 2016


PC's gift to the right

It’s easy – downright delicious – to go off on campus safety zones and rabid PC. Pop the laptop open, fingers float like a battalion of butterflies over the keys, ready to relieve themselves. But before Ms.Dopamine can squirt her reward – I start to think. Just two little thoughts killed the deal.

     1.  In its extreme form, absolutely everything is worthy of scorn

     2.  I’ve never been raped, serially sex-toyed, bullied or beaten, homeless or repeatedly stopped and frisked.

I’m safe and healthy. Passionate to the point of ejaculation in the process of making stuff. I’d say, privileged if I felt like showing myself the door.

The PC excess provides Fox News with a pot of propaganda gold, after decades of PC silliness and cultural condescension toward everything non-cosmopolitan, Trump can burn the White House to the ground with everybody in it – except himself – and all he has to say is, Yeah, I know it’s politically incorrect but…  and 40% of voting Americans will jump up and salute him.

I hate it the PC crap. I watched the seeding of the future millenial snowflake tendency in the years of managing my son’s Little League teams. Other teams’ insistence that the kids can stay on base after a many-times drilled, sweetly executed catch of a ground ball and accurate throw to the first-basegirl for an out. For 8 and 9 year old kids that kind of put-out was a big deal. “The batter sits,” sayeth I. “He’ll get over it. I read that they eventually do get over it.” Well, apparently they don’t, according to the current college dynamic.

But elite college campuses are just like the ghettos of Appalachia in that the inhabitants of both communities share the same genetic bandwidth. At one far end of the bell curve are those who play out the stereotypes. Maybe they’ve experienced the kind of torment that condescending types have not had to confront. Grousing to an audience of true believers is the safest of safety zones.

The problem with conforming to noisy, needy stereotype, whether campus PC snowflakes or racist Trumpers, it provides ammunition for the opposition and that opposition does real damage with it. A generation of PCism made Trump’s scapegoating with the – #it’s not PC – hashtag, made him a hero and helped put him in the White House.

Of course, the vulnerable white snowflakes of the Right who can’t handle their life-challenges without finding even more vulnerable communities to blame will ultimately fuel Trump’s opposition to carve Worst President In US History into his grave stone.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, July 1, 2017

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Polar Levine

working class college dropout who loves to learn, poke his biases and waste time looking around