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June 3, 2017
Post-Election 2016


Trump delivers the future to China

With the pullout of the Paris Agreement as cherry on top of the EPA gutting and executive orders proclaiming that pollution is good for America if it’s good for bizniz – our Psycho-In-Chief has officially turned the 21st Century over to China.

History delivers a solid narrative that global leadership goes to the nation that rules the energy resource of the era. At one time the Netherlands rose as a global giant by pioneering wind energy. Y’know, those famous windmills. Then Britain took over when it discovered coal, setting off the industrial revolution. The US took over with oil.

The Chinese have noticed that breathing has gotten a tad challenging. Their economic growth was so quick they didn’t stop to catch a breath until catching a breath could prove fatal. Unlike the US of Trumplandia, they’re not leaving it up to a deity to clean the mess. Almost overnight they created a huge solar panel industry – an American innvation – that will no doubt become a global monopoly. We invented it and conservative climate change denial in the service of their deity and carbon money is giving America’s economic future away.

While what remains of the American auto industry lurches forward then lobbies its way backward, the Chinese are investing 100% on Forward. They’ll develop the next generation of clean energy autos which will finally bankrupt our auto industry for all time. The Tesla will have to be downright unAmerican to stay afloat.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, June 2, 2017 



— Polar Levine   June 3, 2017

Trump and his hard right know-nothings are ensuring that China will become that Empire of the 21st Century as they them the keys to the world’s energy industry. China is already buying up major European and American companies and infrastructuring and natural resource pillaging their way into Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. When China finally monopolizes the  global energy market every denomination of the American exceptionalism religion will go the way of the pagan religions of old.

Economic hegemony has a narrative and part of it is very ugly for the rest of the world. Just look at the 20th Century alpha dog – the USA. Throughout Latin America and the Middle East our corporations laid claim to natural resources without sharing the wealth with the nations that housed those resources. Any pushback was met with American military power and covert overthrow of democratically elected governments. If only I was the proverbial Martian watching the shock over Russia’s tampering with our government. I could use the laugh right about now.

This isn’t an America Sucks rant. All empires go the rape and pillage route. Because they can. Their citizens are too busy enjoying the fruits of the predation to notice the damage done overseas. When chickens come home to roost, the root of the payback will have been forgotten or never known to begin with. They hate us because of our freedom. That’s why those Iranians took our diplomats hostage. That’s what 9/11 was about.

Gradually China will be pushing their way into America’s natural resources as the rise of China’s economic hegemony is accompanied by the decline of America’s economy.

When Trumpism hands the imperial reins over to China after doubling down on fossil fuels, we’ll all get to watch – from the rubble of our crumbling, too-expensive-to-maintain infrastructure – as China plants the seeds of its future 9/11 moment

Does anybody believe they’ll be any less predatory than our country’s been?

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, June 3, 2017

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