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November 17, 2017


Fun watching right wing hypocrisy is blown by my own hypocrisy. But on the other hand…

Roy Moore has been such nice break from the depressing surreality of Trumpalgia, massive floods and fires that happen in different places so they can’t put each other out; outings of male assholery that, as necessary as they are, make me embarrassed to be of the same tribe as Weinstein and a huge fan of Louie CK and a sharer of that loathed Y chromosome.

To see Lil Pistol Roy go down and watch the lock-up-the-Clintons! go up at the same rate that Moore’s chick list expands – now that’s some real entertainment. Not for the women he’d messed with – it’s watching another Mr. Ten Commandments getting his dick squashed between the stones engraved with the Lord’s handwriting.

And it’s time for Bill Clinton.

I love the circus of rationalizations by evangelicals about why adulterous pedophilia is no biggie compared to the hell-bound sin of two gay guys committing to lifelong mutual monogamy. The farce! The hypocracy! Al Franken.

One of a tiny itty bitty thimbleful of decent, non-self-dealing organisms in Washington DC.

He absolutely definitely should not drop out. No way.

I won’t go to his-offense-was-so-much-less-evil-than… He fessed up right away. True. And, unlike Moore, he hasn’t been removed – twice! – from his job for breaking the law. And he’s not an idiot like Moore. Although Moore, as an Alabama Supreme Court justice did often cast the only dissenting vote to defend defendants from truly insane mandatory sentencing. Whatever. Moore – HAH!!  

Franken stays.

I sentence them thusly:

• Weinstein – put him long time away in a jail cell with a very large, very strong goy of any persuasion with an eight-inch ax to burn.

• Bill O’Reilly – the same as Weinstein but make it two very large, very strong, highly literate Leftie black guys who are very irritable and up on current events.

• Kevin Spacey – put him in a cell with a dumb hostile jerk with no sense of humor and no inclination to sex another guy.

• Moore – same as O’Reilly but add a very large, very strong kvetchy gay Jewboy. And Moore’s mother.

• Louie CK – a long depressing vacation, then back in the game.

• Franken stays.

How do I calculate these sentences? Here’s the algorithm:

• Weinstein not only messed with a zillion women and refused to own up except by way of payouts. He pounded on underlings who irked or inconvenienced him and jizzed all over house plants that did him no wrong or inconvenience whatsoever. Plus he embarrassed my Jewboydom. Why only one horny cellmate? Because he’s done a lot for indie film and he’s a Lefty. And the Holocaust. Gotta factor that in.

• Spacey – not as bad as Weinstein because I admire his work and he did own up. Then halfway down.

• O’Reilly – because he’s Bill O’Reilly.

• Moore – because he didn’t press himself on ambitious people whose careers rested on their silence – he went after kids who weren’t even in a place to weigh ambition against the right thing. Plus he’s a raving bigot and a rigid lying scumbag who would further punish his victims before accounting for his repeated decisions to do what he knew was illegal, immoral and destructive. No, I change my mind: add a very large, very strong very gay MS-13 member

• Louie CK – because I love his work and he immediately offered a well-thought out, complete accounting for each and every offense and offered a real apology. My definition of an apology: stating in detail what it is you’re apologizing for and acknowledging exactly how your actions had a destructive effect. Don’t even have to utter the noise: “I’m Sorry.” That’s a big deal and a good model for accepting responsibility.

• Franken – because I love his work, he’s a fellow Lefty and I admire his openness to respecting his ideological opponents while fighting them almost as hard as they fight. The almost because he won’t outright lie and try to destroy their reputations. And he accounted for his mess right away and did a real apology. And the Holocaust. Gotta factor that in.

OK, Mr. P – the algorithm has some pretty rational stuff in there but it seems a tad subjective.

Right. That’s why duality is such a joy killer. I have to stop laughing and smirking over the blatant hypocrisy of Hannity and evangelicals because I totally get the subjective interference with moral clarity. Can’t help it. So, dammit – they get a pass.

But on the other hand, there does have to be a weigh-in. Nobody has just that one asshole thing on their dossier. If there’s lots and lots of good and a some bad, it means something. So putting my bias and clever delivery aside…

Franken and CK have long histories of supporting women in the workplace and publicly advocating on their behalf. In Franken’s case, he backs it with effort to legislate. Louie CK seems to have a lot of women friends who are really torn in their reaction to his jerkoff behavior. Franken’s victim accepted his apology and doesn’t feel he should resign. He’s been getting a pile testimonials by women on his behalf who have worked with over many years. Weinstein, Moore and O’Reilly, not to mention the President of the United States deny and threaten law suits. Their victim lists are longer and all three have a long history of narcissistic and bigoted, if not sociopathic behavior. Franken’s list amounts to one. (please just be one.)

To just scream resign! without factoring in all the elements gives these necessary outings a veneer of vengeance rather than coming to terms with an ages-old societal pathology. A one-size-fits-all approach threatens to trivialize the mission. And – as it does with all movements for change – it plants the seeds of the movement for pendulum swing back to the disease.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, November 17, 2017

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