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August 21, 2017
After Charlottesville


We truly do not need Antifa.

At some point, fellow Lefties, we have to make a decision: do we want to win or do we want to order a pizza and watch ourselves on TV, then hang it up?

If there was no presence of an armed, militia-costumed faction of the counter-protesters in Charlottesville, there would’ve been no pretext for this latest addition to the right wing media lexicon – alt-Left.  A sweet little gift to Trump to give him cover with the racist faction of his base.

We could say Antifa just showed up to protect counter-demonstrators. But it doesn’t take a Nazi rally to bring out the hysterical wing of the Left. Just something they kinda don’t like. Until Charlottesville their presence had been generally about making expensive messes of other people’s property; not about violence. Maybe that’s changing. When they start looking like the Master Racists to regular home viewers we can kiss goodbye any movement for social justice.  

Does it matter to right wing media that the Left has no sector truly dedicated to violence? That the halloweening in black costumes and masks is mainly about organized litterering? If they commit to a shift to violence - does anyone anywhere believe that Antifa will make trained gun-toting white nationalists think twice about their worldview and antics? Is anybody not laughing? Those white nat militias have been around for decades and have a lot of members with military and police service. They must be begging Jesus to bring on Antifa for lunch.

Violence used to be the white supremacist/Nazi brand. Got em plenty love and respect 70 plus years ago. These days they’re twisting themselves into pretzels trying to convince the public that they mean nobody any harm. Violence isn’t their thing. Anybody who’s curious about what’s goin’ on out there knows that white nationalists have stated in the English language that they want to goad the Left into looking like the violent ones. They actually scan the cultural horizen with some analytical intelligence.

Meanwhie Antifa wants to adopt the violence brand that Nazis and the KKK are running away from. This is an SNL skit, right?

I feel lousy going neg on a group of people so committed truly movement activism. But where is a violence-based strategy going? You have to win on a violent field. Put every Master Racist militia against the US military and it’s over in a half hour. What is Antifa going to do against the Masters’ militia’s? Against a small town police force? You can practice on a group of students who get thrills from Ann Coulter. Eventually you’ll be squaring off against a bunch of combat-ready jerks who are praying to Jesus for a chance to break your teeth as a warm-up. Do a game on a field that’s in the real world. What political/economic system is going to fall to a bunch of broken windows? 100 Broken windows? It’s an MO from another century that might’ve been viable against a nation that is not a technocratic empire of 350million people. 

What Antifa accomplishes every time they dress up and go Boo!  is to provide a gift to the Master Racists, Trump, his base; and the growing psychoRight media that now reaches many millions every day. Fox News is an actual journalistic enterprise in comparison.

What international media conglomerate and billionaire sponsors do the Antifa wing have on board or are likely to ever attract?

Antifa’s gift is a source bank of visual evidence to support the claim that Antifa is the Left’s equivalent of the KKK and neo-Nazis; the equivalent of a movement going back a century and a half comprised of organizations that glorify the mass murder of millions in the name of racial supremacy. That equivalency gets broadcast across a nation of voters that have been installing bigots, and deniers of climate change and evolution into office in all branches of federal and state government and judiciaries.

Atifa has provided the movement for social justice with a mass media-certified reputation for that equivalency. And the ongoing validation of that equivalency is likely to be the suicide pill that will tank yet another social justice movement moment.

We can self-medicate by saying, so what, that populist base is clueless. I bet there might be a couple thousand American citizens right now that are buzzin’ over Antifa and might want to join up. Maybe not the costume or the weapons part.

On the other side, that populist clueless base is a super-loyal sector of 60 million. They make a huge difference. I happen to have a bunch of historically accurate well-documented examples to back up that assertion. Here’s just one: Donald Trump got elected President. Thank you for your service, Antifa.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, August 21, 2017

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Polar Levine

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