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August 16, 2017
After Charlottesville


The Master Racist re-branding slapstick

White supremacists claim to not advocate the mistreatment of non-whitey Aryans. Are we supposed to laugh or is it a moment to question our unfair bias toward them? I’m assuming it’s a strategic talking-point.

Being Jewish, the laugh option hasn’t kicked in yet. So I’ll go to the second option:

When you state that there is one superior race entitled to be the sole rightful inhabitants of a particular nation, you’re also saying that people who aren’t of that race are inferior. Because that nation was created for that Master Race, you’re saying that the inferior ones must leave or, if they stay, they don’t deserve the same rights and privileges as the Master Race. You’re also saying that those 121 million inferior ones infesting all that American real estate and all those jobs might pose a threat to the prosperity and well-being of their superiors. That might generate some resentment among the put-upon masters. Particularly if a large number of inferior ones won’t comply.

The marching, saluting, screaming, military gear and fashion statements – all of which symbolize, ritualize and specifically signify an ethic of strategic violence and exclusion – suggests resentment and nothing but resentment of those others. Add to that a recently trendy talking point:

There is an existential threat afoot which is faced by the majority population.

When all other identity groups are broken down to numbers representing their own populations, rather than their collective population, that majority is by no means a soon-to-be minority (the skin-pigmentation part) but are actually a huge majority. Add to it the even more populous religious persuasion and you have a massive population that is, by far, the most politically, economically and institutionally reinforced demographic in the land.

The belief in that fantasy weakens somewhat the claim of non-violence hardwired into the mission of this movement. The Master Race theme itself requires a violent mission. Add to it the imminent threat of extinction. Regarding such a threat, the only rational conversation, with the mic turned off and the beer keg turned on, is a final solution to the perceived problem.

The white nationalist movement in every format is about violence unless there’s an expectation that, upon polite request, 121 million Americans will up and leave. The only reason violence hasn’t been an ongoing event is that they don’t have the numbers and support of police and military. And because the vast majority of fellow white Christians think they’re absolutely vile.

But not President Donald J. Trump. Charlottesville was no accident or surprise.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection, August 16, 2017

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Polar Levine

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