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October 25, 2017


Media Crit, Politics, Addictive politics of emotion

Fox News, right wing talk radio and internet screamers are literally nothing more than drug dealers. They’ve been injecting narcotic hate into decent struggling people. A daily drip for two decades now. It’s getting really scary

You’re stuck in rush hour traffic barely awake after being electro-shocked out of deep sleep by an alarm clock. Gulp down gas-inducing breakfast junk while fighting to get the spoiled, unappreciative offspring ready for school and spatting with the spouse. 

Same slog five days a week and you haven’t even showed up yet to waste another full day at your crappy job that bears no resemblance to anything you’ve ever found interesting or awake-worthy.

You flip on the radio. It barks hardy about those people – that cabal of assholes – responsible for your loser condition. Reveals in shocking detail their strategies and motivations for making your life miserable. Your body starts coming alive and your hands bang a heavy metal straight-four on the steering wheel. 11 million aliens taking your jobs!  You’re getting pissed. You’re getting very awake. 

Your brain had just furtively pocketed fresh packets of adrenaline and dopamine from the radio speaker and it’s spiking it into your bloodstream.


You’re amped. Whoa! Stoked. Time to smack that bitch. She’s killing me. Smirk at those lesbos in the Volvo. Scream at that kike in the car in front of you. Those wetback illegals in the pickup truck. Give the finger to that darkie welfare queen on her way to work in a car much nicer than yours. Freeloader bitch! It feels good. Good to scream it out. 

Feels good to be an American. You’re ready to get out there and make it great again.

Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection   October 25, 2017

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Polar Levine

working class college dropout who loves to learn, poke his biases and waste time looking around