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November 16, 2017
Bullshit Decoding


The Big Lie: lowering taxes on biz is gift to workers

Thanks to America’s workers we’re back to Republican fairy tales about taxes on bizniz. Companies, they claim, will hire more workers if only they got a tax break. In real life on planet Earth workers are hired when demand for a company’s products and services requires it. There has to be enough workers on the floor to accommodate the needs of buyers. But if there’s always a bunch of workers standing around with nothing to do, it’s time to lay some off. Taxes have nothing to do with it.

A sudden windfall from lower taxes will fly into the pockets of upper management and shareholders. If a company hasn’t been investing in research and development, it’s because they don’t prioritize innovation, only monthly numbers. It’s easy to figure out the priorities of a person or organization: observe what they do. It’s not a deep concept.

If there’s anything that truly does impact business it’s those damn workers. They want to be paid. With money. And not just on Christmas – they expect to be paid for every hour they work for the company. And they want to be healthy. As though they’re not easily replaceable if they die or have trouble breathing. Whatever. They believe they’re so important, they deserve health insurance and a half hour or so to eat lunch every damn day. And they don’t want to get cancer from toxic work environments or have their limbs chopped off by the machines they’re privileged to use on the job. They’re nothing but a drain on profits.

Donald Trump knows this. He’s a businessman after all. Screwing contractors and hiring low-wage foreigners rather than American workers never failed to increase profits for Trump’s companies. With all his stand-up comedy routines and working class meme-dropping in the heartland, when Trump got down to the bizniz of presidenting, he went straight to Big Bizniz Econ Mythology 101 – lower taxes for corporations and rich guys. And lose that profit-draining health care and regulation stuff. That’s the way to make money. That’s why he’s president and those failing workers are not. Sad.

— Polar Levine , News Goo Dissection, October 16, 2017

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Polar Levine

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