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October 21, 2017
Media Crit


Broadcast news no longer has a journalistic mission.

Although my loathing of Donald J. Trump has been boundless and based on years of documented deviations from human decency, CNN has helped me discover a frontier of sympathy for the Psycho-In-Chief. Also a singular alignment moment with his poodle, Sean Hannity.

Hannity, is a cartoon organism prospering in the infotainment sector that has become America’s primary mode of non-textual news delivery. He’s a quiet version of Alex Jones. I’m assuming the lower decibel level is about the delivery system for his junk being a global media conglomerate which requires less neck-vein gynmastics to gain attention.

I think I recall tuning into Fox News on the eve of Barack Obama’s 2008 election victory and hearing Hannity say, “Welcome to the Obama Recession.” This is a recollection. It might be inaccurate, but I do believe it happened. What I know for certain is that throughout the following eight years Hannity was a hovering mosquito waiting for any Obama phrase or gesture to pounce on as proof of America’s decline into tyranny. Lacking any evidence of lockdowns on critical media outlets or mass arrests of White Christians and gun owners – an inelegant wave to servicemen while exiting an official aircraft was enough to fuel a few evenings of well-paid outrage.

So I’ve been getting a few chuckles over his recent complaints about Lefty media hovering over Trump. The chuckles (I think there were three) were followed by my first ever recognition that Hannity was right about something. I even shared the emotional part.

CNN is now strictly an entertainment enterprise under Jeffrey Zucker’s stewardship. I’ve said it here before and now again – either the entire human race has gone into hibernation or CNN doesn’t notice anything worth reporting that isn’t a Trump offense against humanity. A mass killing or catastrophic nature event are the only news feeds worthy of interrupting the marathon of panels analyzing the latest Trump Tweet, gaff or destructive policy announcement.

It’s offensive in its further diminishing the country’s ability to inform its citizenry – that fifth column responsibility thing. But I’m also finding myself feeling offended on Trump’s behalf and on the country’s behalf as well. Trump deserves criticism and public pushback on the very real harm he’s doing. But he deserves being spared the predatory mosquito hovering for a ratings-enhancing blood fix.

That hovering gives credence to Hannity’s claim that the Dems and the Harvey Weinstein led liberal gestapo are engineering a coup. Just as CNN was an unintended major force in electing Trump with its ratings-driven focus on him as the only person running for office in 2016, it’s manic hovering and non-stop pecking is likely to strengthen and possibly expand his base.

— Polar Levine, News Goo Dissection,  October 21, 2017

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Polar Levine

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