Polar Levine Poetry, polarity-1.com
Alone in his office —
the rear table of
Hadley’s Steak House
wine glass in a meeting
very hush hush
From her table in shadow
she can see his lips move
sweetly in song
She can almost hear it —
yes, she’s knows it
He’s singing her name
in a key that unlocks her
The melody bathes
the womb of the Lazy Boy
Safe at last,
he’s safe in its pocket,
in the arms of his grandpa singing
Baseball and Ballantine
Baseball and Ballantine

From her table
she senses a longing
His fortitude bears it
He stares through her loneliness;
no judgment or scorn
His arms at rest,
awaiting her call
Her eyes now signal
out to his shelter
His eyes alone
are attuned to hear it
Her hips alone
can ride his tempo
Her heart alone
can decode his swing 
Baseball and Ballantine
‍Baseball and Ballantine
Polar Levine Poetry, polarity-1.com
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