Polar Levine Poetry, polarity-1.com
Home Run in the Coffee Bar
big baby boy
brave bloated bumble bees
bad bass & backbeat
these things begin with the letter "B"

you sit there drinking cappuccino
it's ok
I'll watch
I'm drinking cappuccino
we're both drinking cappuccino
but we're not the same
some java for thought
‍there are only two or three tables between us
how far is that?
they're putting sofas on the F trains
who are "they"?
what are they talking about?
what did they mean by that?
who, me?
ok, they're not putting sofas
on the F trains

the cappuccino foam on your upper lip
is making me swoon
hey, no need to apologize
I like it
your cappuccino is liquid evidence
of our compatibility
I will dissolve the tables between us
with my laser of desire
here i come
my moonwalk will melt you

excuse me
I have just been delivered a message
first class express
from above and below
I am compelled
to respond and comply
you and I are here
solely to perpetuate
the rhythm of the universe
who the hell are we to disregard
the mating hum hurled from
the penthouse of consciousness —
the playwright of space and time
let us throw off the chains
of the material world
and fine tune
the harmony of the spheres
awesome, my place or yours?
Polar Levine Poetry, polarity-1.com
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