Koko Dozo - Space Is The Face!

Space Is The Face!

    KOKO DOZO has been sent to Earth to inflict peace by any means necessary and seduce the planet with their sonic emissions. Earth scientists think bacteria might be living  in space. What took them so long? They have not even discovered vrakpuzna. AMY D, POLARITY/1 and RUBIO have sprayed space bacteria all over the studio where the sonic emissions are made, and the microbes conjoin with the sound waves erupting out of the speakers which vibrate in the key of GROOV, dipped in the house special surreal sauce and spiced with multi-layered, multi-lingual verbulum.
    These clueless Earthforms scratch their hair particles and say, “Who is this KOKO DOZO, and what do they want from us?” You will find out soon enough, lowly Earthoids!
    If you think we’re not persuasive – look at what the critics we’ve abducted have said:
"Jazz from another planet."
"Political, pointed, unrelentingly frank, hilarious, kooky, avant-garde, futuristic jazz with a beat..."
"by the time you realize you're hearing three very angry people, it's too late...you're dancing..."
"Glossy, glassy, brassy, punk attitude, funk delivery..."
"Moving, oratorical, in your face, and sublime."
"The world, never sounded so good"
"a combo of world music, atmospheric electronica, funk, and beat poetry with a diva deliverin' it..."