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   (But You Have To Pay)
Polarity/1 album - Free Money (But You Have To Pay) , produced by Polarity/1,
  • Plunder
  • Audioplasm (P/1 & Rubio):      I'm So Broke
  • Winter In America
  • St. James Infirmary
  • Free Money (But You Have To Pay)
  • Home Sweet Home
Everybody Loves Me
for Danny Schechter’s film, Plunder

words & music: Polar Levine
P/1: track, guitars, vocals
D.A.V.: vocals, trombone
produced by Polarity/1
The shine on America's shoes got dulled
When Wall St. stepped into the Fuld
Congress paid off, workers laid off
Stanford, AIG and Madoff
Credit swaps and credit stops
Empty wallets, empty shops
Dead bank walking is triple A
Grampa loses 401k

Chorus: Plunder  It’s a capital crime
               Plunder  Will anybody do the time?

Money for nothing. Nothing for money
The housing bubble and the Easter bunny
The free market, Santa Claus
Fairy tales and a nation of laws
Bankruptcies, commodities
Retention bonus, credit freeze
We’re all paying for the bailout
Shakin the pitchfork, calling for a jailout


Clueless experts, clueless news
Waitin for the sound of dropping shoes
One shoe drops, the other shoe drops
One parachute drop ahead of the cops
Over-levereged, over-paid
Hard cash too easily made
Easy credit for easy crime
For the American dream -
death by sub-prime


Greenspan serving up the Kool Aide
Timebomb ticking on every trade
The mirror flatters; the razor - sharp
On the company jet tootin' up the TARP
Masters of the universe - the master's voice
Greed is the creed, the drug of choice
Toxic assets - the master plan
Greed is the asset of the toxic man

Audioplasm (P/1 & Rubio)-
I'm So Broke
for Danny Schechter’s film, In Debt We Trust

words & music: Polar Levine
Rubio: Vocals, drum programming, bass
P/1: Guitars
produced by Polarity/1
Ain’t no joke  For real I’m broke
I got a ways to go and no dough
Nothing to show
Up all night. Can’t sleep right
My head’s tight
Gotta buy food, clothes, books
And it looks like there’s holes in my shoes
What to do?
My credit card’s full and it’s due
No job, no time no reason, no rhyme
Gotta get it together before I’m a mess
Walk the line between ruin and success
I confess, no joke, for real, I’m broke

Chorus: I’m so broke (4x)

They signed me up for credit.
I already regret it
Drove home with my Honda
Now the bank comin' to get it
The fool from the bank knows
just where I am
Gimme a ham and cheese
Wait a minute, hold the ham
Waiting on tables just to pay for the cable
And what’s left in my pocket
Goes to keep me off the docket
Credit’s a scam, led me on like a John
Just a tool for the con
Five grand poorer
since the laste time we spoke
And it ain’t no joke. I’m so fucking broke

Winter In America
words & music: Polar Levine
D.A.V.: vocal
P/1: track
produced by Polarity/1
He had time. Had the world in his pocket
You never rock it chilly chilly smooth
Never tip the tip the ship the ship
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
20 years drinkin' beers, slappin' backs
One vacation one heart attack
Honest work, honest pay, honest town

Just an American lad and his lassie
20 years poppin' rivets in a chassis
American dream died in its sleep
Kids go hungry when you get the pink sheet
Your luck is down they closed the plant
We get laid off Bob gets paid off
Whatcha gonna say when you get home
It's winter in America chills to the bone

Chorus: It's winter in America 
               Chills to the bone
               It's winter in America 
               You're on your own
               The devil wants you on the phone

You walk the streets all day 
Three months no job no pay 
You believe the system works for you
But it's power lunch and you're the beef stew
Your wife out lookin' for a slave 
Four kids sittin' home alone  
You tried to raise em right
Before you know
they'll be suckin' on a crack pipe
Feelin' weak like a gun at your back 
Kids go hungry while Bob's kids
have a Big Mac
Ok just chill  You know this won't last long  Word to the president  
He says there's nothing wrong


Birth to your fifth child 
Her hunger screams are wild 
What's 20 years in the union for?
Congratulations you're one of the poor
Pray to the lord for a friend 
Empty pockets tell you to fend for yourself 
Your self respect on a shelf
It's the last of your wealth you'll get no help  Initiation to the welfare line
Emasculation complete you're beat 
Broke down cryin'


Two years pass, your pride is gone 
Your wife is silent, the bank took your home
Remember times when her body felt warm
Now the look in her eyes
could scare away a snow storm
Children cryin' pounds your brain 
Politician says, "The union's to blame"
You dream about politicians one night 
You blast em with an Uzi
like 1,000 points of light
Wake up from the dream feelin' fine 
Spend your last dollar on a nine

Chorus: It's winter in America 
              Chills to the bone 
              It's winter in America
              You're on your own
              The devil wants you on the phone
              It's winter in America
              You lose your home
              The devil wants you on the phone

There ain't no time to grieve
Your kids look crazy they tug at your sleeve
Your wife's eyes stab at your heart 
You're up like a bomb, smack her down - depart
It's the first time you ever hit your girl 
You think about the gun the mother of pearl
Your brain's on fire your legs can't stand 
Is this really you  with a gun in your hand?


Seven winds blow through the town
Seven shots and the flesh is torn
Seven people dead in the Detroit dawn 
Somewhere out there, 7 new people born 

Chorus: It's winter in America
               Chills to the bone
               It's winter in America 
               Chills to the bone
St. James Infirmary
public domain; new lyrics: Polar Levine
P/1: vocals & track
produced by Polarity/1
I went down to St. James Infirmary
60 people were waiting there
It was 8 AM in the morning
And we barely had the cab fare

First they handed me a pile of papers
The first page was easy to do
It said who is your health insurer
I wrote ‘none’ and turned to page 2

All the same old questions
I answered 20 times before
Did they ever hear of computers?
This is what they were invented for

By noon my little girl is bent over
The pain was getting really bad
Babies screamed, people spittin blood
The worst morning we ever had

The whole emergency unit was spinning
We had nothing to eat all day
By 3:45 she was barely alive
Nobody seemed to look our way

They finally examined her that evening
They wanted to operate
We can barely pay the mortgage
So the operation had to wait

I went down to St. James Infirmary
To see my baby there,
She was lyin' on a long white table,
So sweet, so cool, so fair

We’ll take her out to the graveyard
We’ll all be dressed in black
A family of three driving to a park
Only two of us are coming back
Free Money
(But You Have To Pay)
words & music: Polar Levine
for Danny Schechter’s film, Plunder
P/1: Vocals, surdos, tamborims & track produced by Polarity/1
Chorus:  Got free money
                    But you have to pay
                Free money
                    But you have to pay
                Shop till you drop
                The American way
                Got free money But you have to pay

From the sea to shining sea
    Got free money But you have to pay
Signing up for bankruptcy
    Got free money But you have to pay
The credit was easy,  small print sleazy
The devil in the detail designed it to fail
We all got punked by the sub-prime junk
The sign on the lawn says the house is gone


Late fee, Fi Fo Fum
    Got free money But you have to pay
I smell the work of a congressman
    Got free money But you have to pay
Being landed gentry sure feels comfy
But 2 jobs at Walmart won’t pay the monthly
Mama Mama did you come up short?
The fine print - read about it in court


Abuse it; excuse it
    Got free money But you have to pay
It's all ours til we lose it
    Got free money But you have to pay
Buy buy buy til we die die die
Pay pay pay and get gray gray
Bumma Bumma Bumma
Gotta tow away the Humma
Living on the street til another con cumma

Home Sweet Home
John Howard Payne & Sir Henry Bishop,
     new lyrics by Polar Levine
P/1: vocals & track
produced by Polarity/1
Some live by religion
Some of us common sense
Some love their neighbors
Some want to build a fence
Half of life is spirit
The rest is skin and bone
They all come together
In the place that we call home

Chorus: Home Home sweet, sweet Home
               There's no place like Home
               There's no place like Home

I work hard to make a living
It’s hard from nine to five
But it’s home that does the giving
It’s where I am alive
The world is very hungry
Sometimes it eats its own
I’m going where I’m someone
I’m on my way home


My house ain’t no cash cow
Ain’t no golden goose
It don’t flip like a gymnast
Ain’t liquid like juice
I watch my kids sleeping
They’re real, not Kodachrome
Not living on some property
They’re growing in our home